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With over 30 years of experience, we know what we’re doing—and our work shows it. Each of our appliances is inspected to ensure it meets your highest expectations.


We strive to make doing business as pleasant as possible. We offer free postage, a reliable quick turnaround time, and very competitive pricing. Learn more


It is the very very fine details that create a very very fine appliance. We take pride in the quality of our work.
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Introducing ClearRetain

ClearRetain Learn More

Finally, a clear retainer without occlusal coverage!

  • - A beautiful smile without any unsightly metal archwire
  • - No more occlusal cracks or breaks saving you the cost of replacements
  • - No risk of future TMJ problems with all teeth in occlusion
  • - Durable strength and comfort with lingual acrylic Hawley
  • - Patient preference over traditional and vacuum form retainers

Our most popular aligners:
Invisalign alternatives for far less!

Free consultations! Just mail us your cast and write “please call” on your RX sheet. We will call you to discuss which of these appliances will work best.